Our Professional Certificate in Cosmetic Tattooing Certification will teach you the key theoretical and practical skills to work as a Cosmetic Tattoo artist and offer a range of cosmetic tattoo services and treatments including microblading feathering, ombre, shading, combination brows, powder brows, and touch-ups, lip blush and fine eyeliner. Institute of Ink will guide you through the most sort after cosmetic tattooing services! 

Unlock the art of beauty with our industry-leading Cosmetic Tattoo Course at the Institute of Ink in Sydney. Designed for both budding and experienced artists, this comprehensive course covers everything from fundamental skin science to advanced techniques in eyebrow microblading, eyeliner enhancement, and lip coloration. Our experienced instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and hands-on training approach ensure that you gain the confidence and skills necessary to excel in the fast-growing field of cosmetic tattooing.

During this course, you will learn how to safely use professional tattooing equipment, choose suitable pigments based on skin tones, and master delicate tattooing techniques that create natural-looking enhancements. Each module is crafted to provide deep insights into both the technical and artistic aspects of cosmetic tattooing, ensuring you understand the intricacies of needle placement, color mixing, and shape definition.

Beyond technical skills, our curriculum emphasizes client consultations, ethical practices, and effective aftercare strategies to ensure optimal results and client satisfaction. Graduates of our course will leave not only with a prestigious certification but also with the business acumen needed to start and sustain a successful cosmetic tattoo business.

Whether you are looking to start a new career or enhance your current offerings in the beauty industry, the Institute of Ink’s Cosmetic Tattoo Course is your gateway to becoming a sought-after professional in cosmetic tattooing. Join us to turn your passion for beauty into a rewarding profession

What You Will Learn in Our Cosmetic Tattoo Course

Core Learning Modules
Fundamentals of Cosmetic Tattooing
  • Anatomy of the skin: Understanding skin layers and their importance in tattooing.
  • Pigments and color theory: How to select and safely use pigments for different skin tones.
2. Techniques and Tools
  • Machine and manual methods: Training on the latest tattoo machines and manual tools.
  • Proper sanitation and safety practices: Ensuring compliance with health regulations.
3. Types of Cosmetic Tattoos
  • Eyebrows: Techniques such as microblading, powder fill, and ombre.
  • Eyeliner and Lips: Precision techniques for enhancing natural features.
4. Client Consultation and Care
  • Client assessment: Learning to evaluate client needs and expectations.
  • Aftercare and follow-up: Best practices for post-procedure care and maintenance.
5. Business Skills and Marketing
  • Setting up your business: Guidance on starting your own cosmetic tattooing business.
  • Marketing strategies: Effective ways to promote your services and attract clients.

Cosmetic Tattoo Course Sydney

Best Cosmetic Tattoo Course in Sydney

Discover Sydney's leading Cosmetic Tattoo Course at the Institute of Ink. Master the latest techniques in microblading, lip shading, and eyeliner with our certified experts. Flexible schedules, hands-on training, and state-of-the-art facilities await. Start your journey to becoming a top cosmetic tattoo artist today.

Become a Certified Tattoo Artist Sydney

Become a Certified Tattoo Artist Sydney

Launch your career as a certified tattoo artist with our premier tattoo certification course in Sydney. Benefit from hands-on training, expert guidance, and gain the skills needed for success in the dynamic world of professional tattooing. Enroll today and transform your artistic passion into a thriving profession!


EXPERT TRAINER : If you want to be the best learn from the best. Its that simple. You will be trained by International cosmetic tattoo trainer and business coach with over 12 years international training experience.


WORLD CLASS CONTENT: Cosmetic tattoo training course journey begins the moment you are ready to get started, wherever you are, whenever you want with self-paced online cosmetic tattoo course program delivered to you with easy-to-follow video modules.  

BROUGHT TO LIFE. Your cosmetic tattoo course  is brought to life with face to face training. Practical components begin from practice tattoo skins and mannequin heads to learn design, density and needle angles before transitioning to live models where you will be delicately guided through each model together. 

EASY ENROLLMENT:  Ready to get started ? Enrollment is an easy two step process. Simply complete the online enrollment form, and make course payment or deposit to secure your place in the best Cosmetic Tattoo Training Course.

FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLANS: Payment plans are available through ZipMoney, our  lay-buy. Discounts apply to cash payments (non-discounted course).



Gain confidence through extensive hands-on practice under the guidance of industry experts. Our course includes live demonstrations and real client sessions, ensuring you develop the precision and artistry needed to create beautiful, lasting results.

Course Overview

24/7 Access

Be steps ahead by being able to prepare for your course. Study anywhere, anytime. Enjoy self-paced, flexible study. Unrestricted access to your course content, no matter what time it is or where you are you can access when its convenient to you.

Instant Enrolment

When you are ready to embark on your Certificate Cosmetic Training journey, when you pay here, online.

Custom Kit

A custom cosmetic tattoo kit is prepared for your training journey with all the practical tools you require to complete your course and kickstart or further your career.


You will receive a certificate of attainment once you complete your course. You will be able to proudly display your Certificate in Cosmetic Tattooing.

Flexible Payment Options

Payment plans are available from as little as $20 per week. So you can study now and pay later, contact us for more information.


We are here for your training journey. Support is available to all of our students 5 days a week via phone and email during standard business hours.



Size does matter! Here at institute of ink we believe it is necessary to keep class sizes small for maximum supervision.



Danii Bennion is an expert, international trainer with over 16 years in the industry and 10 years as an international trainer. Danii have received many of her own qualifications from different institutions around the world and work with some of the best artist worldwide.



Get accredited with Institute of Ink our certification is Internationally Recognized Training because our students are from all around the world. Institute are proud partners with the International Association of Micropigmentation.


Most frequent questions and answers

Introduction to Cosmetic tattooing. Microblading. Ombre Bows + online course access

Introduction to lip cosmetic tattooing + online course access

Introduction to fine eyeliner cosmetic tattooing + online course access

Health & Safety

Skin Analysis

Skin Structure

Skin tone and Undertone

Medical Cautions

Colour Theory

Patch Testing

Allergic Reactions

Analysing Client Profiles

Design & Mapping.

Working with Anaesthetics

Needle Theory


Cosmetic Machine 101

Prepare for service – Workstation Setup

Outline Techniques

Shading Techniques

Step by Step Microblading process

Step by Step Ombre cosmetic tattooing – process

Step by Step Combination brows cosmetic tattooing – process

Step by step lip blush tattooing process

Step by step fine eyeliner tattooing access

Touch Ups


Trouble Shooting

Client Waver Forms

Price Guides

Client aftercare templates

Wireless Cosmetic Tattoo Machine

2 Wireless Machine Batteries

10 x Wireless Machine Needles

10 x Disposable Microblading Hand tools

1x Brow Cosmetic Pencil

1 x Lip Cosmetic Pencil

1 x Eyeliner Cosmetic Pencil

1 x Ruler

4 x Brow Pigments

3 x Lip Pigments

2 x Eyeliner Pigments

20 x Pigment cups

20 x Pigment rings

2 x Brow Practice Skins

2 x Lip Practice Skins

2 x Eyeliner Practice Skins

1 x Sharps Container

1 x Wireless Digital Cosmetic Tattoo Machine

2 x Wireless Digital Cosmetic Tattoo Batteries

15 x Cosmetic Tattoo Needles – Various Sizes

10 x Disposable Microblading Hand Tools – Various Sizes

3 x Brow Cosmetic Tattoo Pigments – Various Colours

1 x Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo Pigments – Black

2 x Lip Pigments Tattoo Pigments – Various Colours

1 x Brow Cosmetic Pencil

1 x Eyeliner Cosmetic Pencil

1 x Lip Cosmetic Pencil

4 x Brow Stencils

1 x Ruler

1 x Sharps Container

20 x Pigment Cups

20 x Pigment Rings

1 x Brow Inkless Cosmetic Tattoo Practice Skin

1 x Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo Practice Skin

1 x Lip Cosmetic Tattoo Practice Skin

6 x Aftercare Creams

Our Certificate Cosmetic Tattoo Courses runs over five days. 3 days self – paced at home prior learning (videos) which is essential and a prerequisite before commencing practical components. 5 days full time in studio training. In addition there are additional study (practice skins) that is to be completed each evening in further preparation to working on models.  

Institute of Ink’s Certificate in Cosmetic Tattooing pricing is as follows;

$6,000 + gst

Institute of ink creates industry leaders and some of the power players.  Therefore we hold firm that certification not just by completing a training course, but by demonstrating safe, high-quality results. Every institute of ink certified artist has had their work thoroughly assessed by one of our educators and has met the criteria we believe should be standard in the tattoo industry. Our training is internationally recognized and is accredited by the international association of micropigmentation.

I had previously completed a cosmetic tattoo course in Sydney that looked good on the surface – Then I met Danii from Institute of Ink. The moment we talked I know I needed to get re-trained and am so happy I did, I learnt more from here in one day then I did from the other company in a week. Danii in an amazing trainer, the training in in-depth and professional. 




I have done MANY courses over the years and this is by far the most interactive, keeps it real. What you put into this training is what you’ll get out. 




I am a business owner of a hair salon – over the years I have seen the direct results of hair loss and the impact this has on my clients self-esteem. I completed the SMP course with Institute of ink because of how professional they are I also like the fact that the qualifications are earnt – we have levels to meet – that’s a great thing. I have a long list of clients wanting this – so its a no brainer to add this to my business.