EXPERT TRAINER : If you want to be the best learn from the best. Its that simple. You will be trained by International cosmetic tattoo trainer and business coach with over 12 years international training experience.

BROUGHT TO LIFE. Your SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION training in Brisbane is brought to life with face to face training. Practical components begin from practice tattoo skins and mannequin heads to learn design, density and needle angles before transitioning to live models where you will be delicately guided through each model together. 

EASY ENROLLMENT:  Ready to get started ? Enrollment is an easy two step process. Simply complete the online enrollment form, and make course payment or deposit to secure your place in Brisbane’s Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course.

FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLANS: Payment plans are available through ZipMoney, our  lay-buy. Discounts apply to cash payments (non-discounted courses).



Size does matter! Here at institute of ink we believe it is necessary to keep class sizes small for maximum supervision.



Danii Bennion is an expert, international trainer with over 16 years in the industry and 10 years as an international trainer. Danii have received many of her own qualifications from different institutions around the world and work with some of the best artist worldwide.



Get accredited with Institute of Ink our certification is Internationally Recognized Training because our students are from all around the world. Institute are proud partners with the International Association of Micropigmentation.


Most frequent questions and answers

Scalp Micropigmentation Options


Treatments for Men & Women with Thinning Hair


Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Transplant Clients


Scalp Micropigmentation for Alopecia Clients



Compliance Guidelines


Business Registration









Personal Protection




Preparation of The Client’s Skin


First Aid





Medical Conditions SMP Procedures


Medications That Prohibit SMP Procedures


Allergic Reactions


Patch Test





Work Station Setup


Scalp Micropigmentation Tools and Equipment


Depth Techniques


Building Density


Hairline Creation


Density Building and Blending into the hairline


Scar Blending


Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Transplant Clients


Treating Scars


Scalp Micropigmentation for Alopecia Clients


Pre-Procedure Instructions


Aftercare Protocols


Professional Kit

Scalp Micropigmentation Training Manual

Scalp Micropigmentation Tattoo Machine

SMP Needles – 20 – various sizes

Scalp Micropigmentation Consultation form templates

Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare form templates

Dark Brown Pigment

Medium Brown Pigment

Light Brown Pigment

Skin Colour Pigment

Pigment Cups

Pigment Rings

SMP Design Pencil

Sharps Container

Dressing Packs

Mannequin head

Tattoo practice skins

Our Scalp Micropigmentation runs over three days, however some clients request an extra day and others who are already familiar with tattooing or cosmetic tattooing prefer to do this course over two days with extended times.  Most commonly however is three days.

The course structure is one day of theory which can also be pre-read prior to the course and in addition practical practice on mannequin heads for hairline design and correct density techniques and essential needle depth practice on tattoo skins – necessary prior to working on models.

Day two consist of you being guided through the entire scalp micropigmentation process – every step of the way where you will start off assisting your trainer and gradually taking on more of the procedure as you show confidence and competency. 

Day three is where the training really comes to life. You will be able to set up your workstation and preform a professional consultation with your model/client.. depending on the desired out come you will be designing hairlines and building density or covering scaring or all three.. Over the three days you will work on 3-4 models  what’s more you will be building the beginning of your portfolio.. 

Support is ongoing – we are here when you need us – 5 days a week via phone, email, zoom or face to face because we are in this together.

Institute of Ink’s Scalp Micropigmenation pricing is as follows;

Group Training: $5,500 per person

Enroll with a friend $4,500

In your business training $6,500 

Business training for two people $7,500 ($3,750pp)

Institute of ink creates industry leaders and some of the power players.  Therefore we hold firm that certification not just by completing a training course, but by demonstrating safe, high-quality results. Every institute of ink certified artist has had their work thoroughly assessed by one of our educators and has met the criteria we believe should be standard in the tattoo industry.

Choosing Institute of Ink was easy. The have a proven track record for high quality SMP training. This is an extension of  what we offer in our barber shop. The course was very professional. 



I came into this course for a complete career change from a completely industry. The scalp micropigmentation course with institute of ink was well structured and the diversity with the models was beneficial.  If you are thinking about doing a SMP course – this is the course you want to do. 



I had been wanting to do scalp micropigmentation course for a long time, I looked into many courses and what I like the most about Institute of Ink SMP training was everything was very clear from the get-go from the course content, what products were in the kit to pricing – everything was up front from the start. I’m really happy with the course – I have done many courses over the years for my business – this is defiantly one of the best – thank you!



This course was awesome – I loved every minute of it! I have done training with Danii before – and she is an amazing trainer. She keeps it real, breaks down everything in easy step by step ways.. and is so supportive and realistic. Loved it!


Gold Coast

I am a business owner of a hair salon – over the years I have seen the direct results of hair loss and the impact this has on my clients self-esteem. I completed the SMP course with Institute of ink because of how professional they are I also like the fact that the qualifications are earnt – we have levels to meet – that’s a great thing. I have a long list of clients wanting this – so its a no brainer to add this to my business. 



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Scalp Micropigmentation Course in BRISBANE is (SMP) is a very effective option those wanting to learn a variety of scalp micropigmentation techniques. Our SMP training in BRISBANE covers many important scalp micropigmentation topics for instances of Alopecia, male and female, thinning hairlines, pattern baldness and scarring on the scalp. Scalp Micropigmentation process is also a very good improvement for clients which have had a hair transplant and for those who require more density, or have scarring from the procedure. The pigments used have been developed for Scalp Micropigmentation are absorbed by the immune system through phagocytosis in a span of two years maximum meaning the results can begin to fade after 6 months. In order to keep the result looking fresh and natural we recommend the clients return once a year for a maintenance application.

Institute of Ink SMP techniques and products vary from many of the main competitors and it causes less risk to the client because with the passing of time each dot of implanted pigment will simply fade away and the client will have no residue left on the scalp. We just have to wait to let the immune system do its job.

 Scar Coverage

Most scars can be treated effectively but we always need to make sure the scar tissue is stable and we need to work on it very carefully. Most scars on the scalp are due to previous Hair Transplants (FUE or FUT) but occasionally also other trauma can be the cause of these scars. The healing process for every individual is different and even in ideal skin conditions scars can unexpectedly change while still healing. We need to understand the different types of scars we might encounter in order to be able to asses if we can work on them or not.

 Hair Loss Solution

Scalp Micropigmentation in Brisbane is rapidly growing in popularity as a treatment for hair loss. It is a perfect solution for hair simulation on its own or in combination with a Hair Transplant where it can increase the appearance of density. The technique we use requires that the special pigment is placed as micro dots (smaller than 1mm in size) and distributed correctly. The technique and products we have developed will offer you the best tool possible to create natural looking follicles.

Density Effect

The Density Effect is only possible if there is enough hair left on the scalp. A density effect can only be used if the amount of hair in the area to be treated is sufficient enough and the right length according to the rest of the hair in order to remain a natural look. When the difference is too big between the area to be treated and the area with hair the result will look unnatural. In this case we would advise the client to choose the Shaved Effect.

Shaved Effect

If there is not enough hair to work with the Density Effect the only option for the client is to choose the Shaved Effect. Many men already adopt a shaved look to minimise the appearance that they are balding.